SIP — A society

dedicated to the study of

Italian philosophy

SIP is the Society for Italian Philosophy. Its aim is to provide a forum for the discussion of themes, authors, and movements having to do with Italian philosophy as it is practiced both in Italy and abroad. Its scope is wide in nature as it aims to support and foster conversations from a wide array of philosophical perspectives (including historical, metaphysical, methodological, phenomenological, hermeneutic, Marxist, existentialist, structuralist, and postmodernist) spanning across various centuries (from late medieval and early humanism to contemporary theory) and including figures and themes from a variety of philosophical areas (such as ontology, metaphysics, ethics, political theory, aesthetics, literary theory, history of philosophy, philosophy of rights,  philosophy of religion, philosophy of science, and philosophy of language). Interdisciplinary and crosscultural work of a philosophical nature is also welcome. SIP’s preferred language of conversation is English, but Italian is of course acceptable (although translations will have to be provided).

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