SIP will be holding fall meetings as a SPEP-affiliated society.




October 20 2017,


7:30-10:30 PM

2017 PANEL - Myths, Monsters, and the Self

Moderator:      Brian Schroeder, Rochester Institute of Technology

Speakers:         Alexander Bertland, Niagara University

“Myth and the Tension Between Mimesis and Intersubjectivity in Giambattista Vico”

Elvira Roncalli, Carroll College

“Inclination as a Paradigm of the Self in the Thought of Adriana Cavarero: Promises and Challenges”

Pierre Lamarche, Utah Valley University

“Negri’s Il Mostro Politico: An Italian Quarrel, With Constant Reference to Heidegger, Benjamin, Bataille and Blanchot”